About Us

The name "Morning Giants" stems from the early "morning" moments - our mind is at its best state for creativity in the morning. Idea of the first lies in early morning and a marvellous day lies ahead. On the other hand, "Giants" refer to the two founders: Man and Yiko. Although our existence may be insignificant, our aspirations are as huge and robust as a "giant". On the long-winded way of art and creation, we grow the "little giant" inside us - with the head held high. 


We believe creativity shall not be confined to any structures; rather, it shall be beyond boundaries. Even if it is bear imagination, pure thoughts, we can always find a way to realise our ideas. In view of this, we endeavour to innovate, whilst maintaining great flexibility to meet the demands of our diverse clientele, to create various styles of animation: promoting videos, TVCs, festivals and brand identities. During our creative process, we continue to seek new viable concepts, to break through the confinement.

Unit 1011, 10/F, 41 Heung Yip Road

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